Our Founder

“Education is the key to designing a strong and progressive nation. What begins as elementary knowledge for students in schools, sets the base for the future for the upcoming generations. Education has the power to shape our mindsets and navigate us through challenges to find better solutions thereby, accelerating the growth of a society and in totality, the nation. Education frees us from self created limitations. With this thought in our hearts, Ankur was born. To ensure the right to education is imparted to every child of this nation.”   

Kumari Shibulal, Founder & Managing Trustee – Ankur

What is Ankur

The Shibulal Family Philanthropic Initiatives (SFPI) launched program, Ankur in July 2004,with the key focus to promote philanthropic initiatives for their various education programs in India. 

Ankur meaning a sapling, was bloomed from the conviction that quality education is the cornerstone of all developmental progress. The varied  programs aim at making education accessible to children from different strata of the society and thereby, ensuring consistent and quality education throughout the process of the schooling of a child once he/she enrols with Ankur.

We believe that every child has the right to education that enriches the mind, builds character and broadens horizons through knowledge. It is the mission of the foundation to make education accessible to children from different walks of life. 


To help children from underserved sections of the society overcome the handicaps they face in the educational system by providing a comfortable and hygienic home, a nurturing and character-building environment, and quality education from primary school through high school and beyond, based on individual interests and capabilities.


To transform the lives of underserved and deprived children into lives filled with health, happiness, promise and achievement.

Our Value System : R-CARE

Our core values that guide the choices we make on our journey toward our vision are encapsulated in the acronym R-CARE (our care) is our culture that binds together our staff, students, management and all stakeholders.


We accept others who are different from us


This value is demonstrated when I treat people at all levels with dignity. It upholds tolerance, equality and a non-judgmental approach. There is a willingness to accept other points of view and work as a team towards a common goal.


We are curious and like to understand how things work


This value is demonstrated when I am innovative and think independently. It fosters a culture of inquiry, openness, originality and freedom of expression. There is a sense of curiosity and joy in whatever I do.


We celebrate our own and others success


This value is demonstrated when I focus on the highest level of personal and organisational objectives. It upholds setting high goals and benchmarks. There is a strong drive to accomplish and succeed.


We follow rules


This value is demonstrated when I am sincere in my work. It upholds diligence, ownership, hard work and putting the best possible effort. There is a willingness to do what needs to be done and be answerable for it.


We are kind and helpful


This value is demonstrated when I am helpful and considerate towards others. It upholds safety, security, physical and emotional well-being of everyone in the organisation. It needs me to be sensitive towards the environment and society.


We choose to do whatever is right


This value is demonstrated when I strive for all round growth through continuous improvement. It upholds quality, persistence in effort and life-long learning. There is a strong motivation to meet and exceed potential.

Our Four Pillars

At Ankur, all our endeavour revolves round four pillar postulates,

Safety and Security

We ensure safety of children at all times. Therefore providing the sense of feeling secure and creating a supportive environment are our prime focus.

Emotional Well-being

As emotional well-being contributes toward physical and cognitive health, we have a layered approach that centres around ensuring emotional wellness and happiness quotient of children

Academics Support

Today’s edification of children leads to tomorrow’s contributing citizens of our nation. Thus, we invest in building academic and intellectual abilities in children that enables them to achieve and excel not only today but prepares them to embark on to the real world tomorrow.

Personality Development

We design our interactions and engagements with children to provide an enriched and enabled environment.The objective is to mould children as fine human beings to imbibe attributes and inculcate being a responsible person endowed with communication skills, social skills, critical thinking skills, team spirit and problem solving skills and most of all being kind, compassionate and humble.

Our Approach

Ankur makes a difference by being a professionally run and process driven organisation with regular meetings to plan ahead. All processes are well documented with charts, forms, checklists and all monetary transactions are transparent and periodically audited. Detailed files are maintained for the academic, medical and extra-curricular records of each child, along with behavioural patterns, and dashboards of reports.

Our Culture

Efforts are made to maintain cultural heritage in children. Festivals are celebrated in the hostel. Equal importance is given to all religions and children are free to follow the faith of their parents. Morals and values are taught through stories. Plays are enacted by the children at the weekly programmes in the recreation centre to reinforce these values in an atmosphere of fun.

Journey So Far

Today the project Ankur comprises of :

Born out of the conviction that quality education is the cornerstone of all developmental progress in society, the trust was registered in July 2004, and is based in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. The focus of the trust is to promote philanthropic ventures in the field of education and research.

It does it through its Comprehensive Residential Education Scholarship program called ‘Ankur’ for children from underserved backgrounds and its socially inclusive school
The Samhita Academy which aims at providing quality education in an inclusive environment by enrolling both children from ‘Ankur’ and others from economically privileged backgrounds.

Today, the project Ankur comprises,

  • A residential boarding setup functioning as a part of The Samhita Academy school
  • Support is extended to students residing outside and studying in other schools and in PUC  
  • Facilitation and mentoring support is offered for students who have moved to college

In the Words of Ankur Alumni

Pradeep Basavaraj
Pradeep BasavarajFraud and compliance officer HSBC(UK), Bangalore
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"Staying 14 years at Ankur Hostel has been the best and most unforgettable part of my life. Peers, roommates, staff, and teachers have all played a significant role in shaping me into a better, more appreciative and considerate person. The hostel provided close yet reasonable supervision and guidance, allowing me to grow and improve my personality and decision-making skills. It has truly become my second home, and words cannot express my gratitude for the wonderful experiences, laughter, and care provided by Ankur."
IndumathiPursuing MBA, Bangalore
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"To the person I am today, I walked into Ankur as an eleven year old and this day seemed far. Ankur's persistent aid and inspiration made me realize that" All our dreams do come true if we have the courage to pursue them". Ankur's unwavered guidance and support has built me professionally and individually. I am highly indebted to Ankur for giving me this opportunity and to be a part of this family."
Varun Kumar
Varun KumarSales Executive, Godrej Properties, Mumbai
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"My journey in Ankur was transformative. I am deeply grateful for the invaluable support and guidance provided by the compassionate S.D. Shibulal uncle and Kumari Mummy. From a toddler learning to walk, Ankur helped me grow into a disciplined and ambitious adult. The staff and teachers nurtured my education and instilled a sense of ambition and dexterity. Ankur became my loving home, offering transformative educational possibilities and teaching me that I can shape my own future.During my 15 years here, I gained essential life skills, formed lifelong friendships, and learned the values of empathy, kindness, and gratitude. I am committed to paying it forward and making a positive impact in the world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything. Ankur has prepared me to face life without limitations."