‘Ankur’ meaning a sapling, was ‘bloomed’ from the conviction that quality education is the cornerstone of all developmental progress. The varied programs aim at making education accessible to children from different strata of the society and thereby, ensuring consistent and quality education throughout the process of the schooling of a child once he/she enrols with Ankur.

How Ankur Works

Ankur, a comprehensive residential education program, was started to break this vicious cycle of poverty breeding ignorance and vice versa. Ankur works as a bridge to a haven, where they could be children again, free from their burdens of poverty and the pressure of contributing to the family’s income.

A Comprehensive Program

Taking full responsibility for a child is no easy matter. Yet nothing less would do if we are to change things. A novel method has been evolved where children are taken into Ankur program at a young age. The program keeps education as the overarching goal while taking complete responsibility for their physical and emotional well-being. Yet, in no way does it disregard the  important role of the  parent-child bond in the child’s life.

For a Wholesome Future

Once they’re through with their schooling the students are guided with career counselling to make the right choices based on their ability and aspiration. It is very gratifying to know that through the Ankur program we are helping a growing number of children who have already become young adults. And the program is expanding, spreading roots in other districts too.

Life At Ankur

Helping Them Grow As Individuals 

We look at the all-round development of the child at Ankur. Hence, we not only provide them the strong foundation laid by academics but also give them the freedom to explore and develop themselves through sports and extracurricular activities.

Care & Support

The Comfort Of Being Well Looked After

Medical -

Ankur has tie-ups with medical institutions to take care of regular check ups, vaccinations, trauma care and other medical emergencies,where the facilities are provided. To ensure a seamless and well-maintained system, medical history of each and every student which includes vaccination history, growth charts, details on allergies, if so etc. Partner Hospitals: Shanthi Nursing Home, Jayanagar, Bangalore and Medax, Gottigere, Bangalore 

Nutrition -

A healthy diet, planned by a trained nutritionist, is cooked in the canteen on the premises, and served in the dining hall. Dedicated kitchen staff take care of the purchasing and preparation of food. Strict checks are done to ensure safe and hygienic conditions of the storing, cooking and dining areas. 

Staff/ leisure -

The hostel staff team comprises boarding-in-charges, teachers, assistant boarding-in-charges, housemothers and House parents, administrative staff and nurses. The staff cares for the children and looks after all their needs. The nurses assist with all medical needs of the children, and medical support is available on call in case of emergencies.

Staff Training -

  • Training on Self-management, work-management and Child management by qualified professionals
  • Individual counselling sessions (where required) by a qualified psychologist.
  • Weekly day-offs -for leisure (apart from paid leave)
  • Fun activity days, movie outings

Parent Connect -

  • Parent visits : Parents visit their children once a month on designated days.
  • Home visits : Children visit and stay with their families, twice a year for a period of 1-2 weeks each, during school vacations.


At Ankur our wish is to see our children integrated seamlessly into society. And that begins with academics. The children at Ankur are enrolled with The Samhita Academy, an English-medium CBSE school set up by Advaith Foundation.  Ankur students study here on scholarship, side by side with their  fee-paying peers of the school in the same campus.

After admission,initially the children are coached to ensure they are ready for formal schooling. Later, they are tutored through remedial classes and special coaching to bring them up to speed with their peers. This one-on-one attention is provided by the resident Home room teachers, tuition teachers and volunteers during after school hours. The academic nurturing process entails an effective learning cycle. It is a comprehensive landscape with various outcome-oriented components. Aspects of Math, Science & Digital Technology are covered through Math Lab and Tinkering lab and Computer labs.



Children from Ankur are provided the same opportunities and extra-curricular activities that are available to fee-paying, upper middle class students of The Samhita Academy. Also volunteers play a big role in introducing the children to happy and new experiences. Various skills and abilities are built through hobby classes in Singing,Dancing (Zumba, classical,Contemporary),Instruments (Tabla, Guitar, Keyboard),Art (Sketching, Painting) and Electronics.


Apart from their schools sports curriculum, physical exercise and sports activities are encouraged to ensure the child’s development. A network of professionals work along with volunteers to organise these activities on a regular basis in the evenings and on holidays. A sprawling campus houses more than different in-door and outdoor games. Students are encouraged to participate in inter-intra school tournaments such as Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Yoga, Karate, Aerobics, Gymnastics, Athletics are a few other other fitness programs that are part of the routine.


Ankur serves as a dependable anchor for the children. It provides an enriched environment of peace and well being. It is a safe haven for children with clean, airy housing and the care of house-parents in the hostels. The hostel blocks are bright and cheerfully furnished. Each block has dorms, studies and Infirmary, in-house libraries, laundrettes and spotless bathrooms.

The hostels have easy access to the school and playgrounds. A recreation complex with an auditorium and provision for various indoor games, television, and computers and so on are the other facilities. The canteen is on campus with a kitchen and dining hall. The facilities include quarters and canteen for the residential staff.


Initially, Ankur functioned through individual homes in the city, each with 10-12 children and a house-mother. Between 2005 and 2008, we grew from one such home to three; and in 2009 July, we moved to hostels in our own campus, off Bannerghatta Road – a joyful day for Ankur!

No. of children appeared for 10th CBSE Board Exam 2022-23
Overall Average Percentage 80.4%
No. of children appeared for 12th CBSE Board Exam 2022-23
Overall Average Percentage 82.4%
No. of children appeared for 10th State Board Exam 2022-23
Overall Average Percentage 72%
No. of children appeared for 12th PU Board Exam 2022-23
Overall Average Percentage 60%
Overall Results
Overall Average Percentage 97%
No. of students in TSA
Overall Students Supported
No. of Alumni Employed
No. of Alumni Graduating
No. of staff

As on January, 2024*


The Road To A Better Tomorrow

Moving towards the Journey for a better tomorrow with continuous evolution with deep degree of involvement and upcoming fully resedential models…

The Road To A Better Tomorrow

Moving towards the Journey for a better tomorrow with continuous evolution with deep degree of involvement and upcoming fully resedential models…


Starting Young For Better Impact 

Ankur – Bangalore Invites Applications For Its Residential Scholarship Program

The Program is Completely free for eligible children from Economically Low Income Families.