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You can do it too…

Suparna Chattarji (Ex-Principal, Ankur) January, 2023 Once there was a little boy who came from a village.  He had his parents and grandparents, his aunts and uncles, it was a large family.  Even though he was very little his father had big dreams for him.  Therefore, he decided to move

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A quiet social revolution

Suparna Chattarji (Ex-Principal, Ankur) November, 2023 The girls of Grades IX-XII assembled in the large space that was previously used as the self-study room for girls in Ankur hostel.  Almost all of them knew me, therefore we started to talk without an introduction.  I had a mission, however.  I wanted

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Reigniting the Love for Reading

Suparna Chattarji (Ex-Principal, Ankur) Under Kitablet 29 November, 2017   On the first day of my job at Ankur, a comprehensive residential education programme, I was taken around the campus by a staff member.  It was then that I first came across this large, whitewashed room—the children’s library. It was

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